This mom brought her little buddy to our planning session. I walked down the stairs and when he saw me for the first time (like, ever) he ran and hugged me so big! I felt loved. It was good. 
:) What a sweet boy. 

So I get to their house thinking he's going to be quiet and sweet and No. This little fella is everywhere in his domain! Can I tell you? The boy is ruthless on machinery! He has some super cool little things to drive around the driveway and the yard with and he will flat - out - "get it" in pedal to the metal BABY! Loved hanging at his house, watching him play with his "rides", his toy trains, jumping on his bed, playing in the back yard and best of all, watching how he is loved so much by his parents. Love is so fun to watch. ;) 

My favorite thing about this session is that it has kind of an everyday feel to it. Just an ordinary day. Ordinary days when you're 4yo are incredibly cool to look at when you're 24yo. :)