Hilarious couple. Laid back, funny, great decision makers and a heck of a sweet family! 
Do you LOVE the huge framed piece of George on the mantle? It's maybe my favorite...well, I dunno, I really, really, really love the screaming christening gown shot or no! wait! I think my favorite is the one where she's holding the baby with the expression like, "holy crap, what in the world do we do NOW?" Oh no....man. I L O V E the shot where the dad has this look of utter bliss as he looks at his brand new baby girl. Oh heck, I love em' all!

Expressive shoot. Love it! Hope you do. :) 

Kristi King says:

cute pics. my hubby would love the george pic over the mantel, that's funny

(05.27.10 @ 10:29 AM)