The Everyday Moments Workshop PRO is a hands-on opportunity to learn and practice your photojournalism and portraiture skills. You'll be assigned to photograph the life of a family on your own each day. Tina, Huy, and Sergio will review your work after each shooting session to offer you helpful, constructive feedback as well as challenge you to discover ways to improve your photography.

You'll learn how to create a collection of meaningful, candid moments as well as honest, beautiful portraiture to present a complete picture story of a family's daily life. This is a valuable product that you can add to your photography business for your future clients.

The workshop emphasizes the development of your photojournalistic and portraiture skills. We will briefly discuss the presentation and marketing aspects of this product to help you attract new clients.

Tentative Schedule (subject to changes)
Day 1 (Mon July 12) : presentations by Huy (photojournalism), Tina (portraiture), Sergio (badass); in the field (shooting your assignment)
Day 2 (Tue July 13) : in the field, editing, in the field
Day 3 (Wed July 14) :in the field, editing, wrap-up, final presentation party

Limited space available for this workshop. Learn more and register here : http://emworkshops.com/