Why is it that we tend to only treasure moments that seem HUGE? Monumental? Significant? It's a milestone! It's a once in a lifetime event!

Because we live in the "right now". I believe in 10 years, the most simple, seemingly unimportant, daily activities we do with our kids today will be worth so much more to our souls than the kindergarten graduation ceremony or the 3rd bday party at Chucky Cheese's. Please don't hear me wrong, these are all important things, too....definitely things/events/milestones we want to remember, but the simplicity (and complexity) of everyday moments...the daily routine of playing dress up, cooking, baking brownies, rocking your baby to sleep, jumping on the bed....these moments pass SO O O O O O O quickly! 

They're simple. 
They're not glamourous. 
They are real. 

and did I mention they pass so. so. so. quickly?

Call us. You need this. 

Fletcher Life, Actually from tina wilson on Vimeo.

Life, Actually...Remember the moments clearly.
This concept photographed and orchestrated by Tina Wilson Photography (photography of life for life)

tinawilsonphotography.com 2010

Celia says:

That is one of the sweetest things I've ever seen. If we lived closer.... we'd do this! We're in FL... Paul & Mecheal are our photographers. This is precious... and a wonderful gift to families!!!!

(05.19.10 @ 04:38 PM)
tina wilson says:

Thank you so much, Celia. We love being able to give these to our clients. Priceless! You're comment means alot. Tell my favorite Johnson's hello! :)

(05.19.10 @ 10:33 PM)