You may remember their maternity session?

Amanda (our associate photographer) and I trekked up the road to Kentucky to journal the the welcoming of Sebastian a few weeks ago.

We were so excited that the grandparents travelled in country to also welcome this precious little fella. 

If you are a mom, you'll be able to relate with this all too well...the first few weeks at home can be trying. You haven't quite found your rhythm yet. 

baby sleeps
baby poops
baby eats
baby cries

I wish it were possible to always schedule during the "baby sleeps" portion of that cycle, but that's just not reality as early in life as we like to shoot. SO! This session is chocked full of the reality of welcoming a newborn into the family. 

There is nothing I love more (photographically speaking) than images that are a true depiction of a moment in a family's journey. This says *that* to me. 

Kym Ward says:

It cracks me up that everyone sttod around warching mom soothe the baby

(04.21.10 @ 02:33 PM)
Michelle Werner says:

Tina, these are beautiful. Awesome as usual. I love the way you captured the excitement and the joy along with the exasperation and wonderment of "what do we do now?". Simply precious.

(04.28.10 @ 08:22 AM)