It takes a very special person to care for a special needs child. 

It takes someone even more special to take care of 3. The fact that these children (who are loved, nurtured and cared for every single day of their lives) are NOT her biological children (she adopted them) makes her even, even, EEEEEEven more special in my eyes. 

The time and dedication it takes to care for 3 children with the needs that these 3 have, seems almost too hard to think about for someone like me. But for this incredibly selfless woman, it's a joy. The happiness they bring her illuminates her face and makes her eyes burn with love. 

It's amazing. She inspires me to look beyond myself and my selfish desires. She inspires me to be a better mom. She inspires me to have more patience. She inspires me to love relentlessly with no expectations. What a beautiful, beautiful woman. 

What is Mission Outdoor Overhaul?

Bracken Paving (inspired by ABCs Extreme Makeover, Home Edition) created a local organization called Mission Outdoor Overhaul. This org partners with other community-involved companies to help a deserving individual or family receive an outdoor renovation. This reno includes improvements to their driveway and lawn aesthetics/landscaping and the addition of handicap access, if applicable. 

As you can imagine, this contribution can really change a family's life. We, at Tina Wilson Photography are passionate about documenting life's fleeting moments and simple turns in life's journey (like this one). It's a huge honor for us to give them "this moment" in their journey. 

If you know a deserving family and would like to nominate them, please call 423.323.8197. 
visit their site for more info or watch the video below. 

More Than a Driveway...Laying a Foundation of Hope from Amanda Bracken on Vimeo.

We truly believe that through our efforts, and the support of people who share our passion, we are laying a foundation of hope in our community. Gifts and charity meet a short-term need, but we seek to go beyond that and offer service that creates lasting benefit, builds lifelong relationships, and give hope to situations that might otherwise seem hopeless. More that OUTREACH... more than CHARITY... more than SERVICE... making a difference for LIFE! Be the Catalyst... Be the Difference-Maker.
Find out more at

JVS says:

Beautiful work Tina!

(04.13.10 @ 11:17 AM)
Kerri says:

Awesome, this completely tugs at my heart strings.

(04.13.10 @ 10:25 PM)
amanda says:

Beautiful, Tina. Thank you for having an amazing heart that is willing to offer something so priceless to such precious people. I love that I get to live life with you and make a difference...1 life at a time! I love you!

(04.16.10 @ 01:14 AM)