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If you've ever been photographed by us


If you will be photographed by us this year...
plan a date night on May 15th and start it with us!

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This event is for past, present and future clients of Tina Wilson Photography.
Wine Provided by : Reedy Creek Vineyards

Janey Cooke says:

I would like to have a photography session scheduled soon for my almost one year old grandson...he actually will turn 1 on May 9 th and I woud like the photo made as close to his birthday as possible BUT I didn't find you in ample time to really plan properly!! I have purchased an antique "looking " light blue and ivory 2 pc sailor suit for him to wear. It looks very old...although it really isn't. Please let me know if you can work him into your schedule. I live in Charleston, Tn not too far from the I-exit. Are you ever in this area at all? Someone told me you come here twice a year maybe??? ...
Thanks for your time...Janey Cooke

(05.05.10 @ 10:28 PM)