This lady has her ducks in a row. Literally. 

I wish you could witness what I have been so fortunate to watch. 
5 children is no easy task. Heck, I freak out sometimes with just 2! These children love each other so much, they play, they climb trees, they dote on their new little brother, they are all drop dead gorgeous and they are...






I love getting to "see" the reality of family life. 

The images below are all of my very, very favorites from the session. I LOVE the 2nd image, the one of the mom and dad. Can you just "feel" their love? OOOOH! So inspiring and so amazing. Love the rest for different reasons...each individual child's picture is how I saw them and their spirits. 

Getting to watch kids grow up and having the honor of documenting their childhood so they can relive "days past" has got to be the coolest job on the planet. 

Stacy Elling says:

All these pictures are great! But I especially LOVE the last one. I come from a family with 5 kids......4 girls and the baby boy. And this picture completely reminds me of my childhood. The sibling fights, the 'poor' only boy, and the awesome friendships I now have as an adult with my siblings. I just wish my parents would have done a better job documenting our childhood. Great Pictures!!

(04.13.10 @ 09:59 PM)