get ma-a-a-rried. ;) 

How fun! I forgot what it was like to shoot engagement sessions. I think I may be missing out. We had a blast! Anyone else getting married out there? 

The reason I love engagement sessions so much is because it pauses the moment in your journey when love is still a bit uninhibited. You don't have to really "work" at this young just happens naturally. So, to have these images just allows you to look back after you've been married for several years (when you're having to "really work" at making it work) and remember all the reasons you fell in love in the first place.  It's a sweet time. And totally, totally portrait worthy. 

Lighter you completely dig this old house with side out of it? I L O V E it! The mountains, the views, the tall grass...ahhhhhh...and of course the playful, young love. :) All the right ingredients.