Here's a fun little concept! This beautiful baby girl has just completed our Growin' Like a Weed program and to celebrate, we decided to take the studio to her birthday party! We sat up the backdrop and lights right in their home office so when their guests came in, they came straight over to get photographed and won't believe this...but some came more than once! 

All of the people that you will see in the following images were not only guests at the party, but also very special friends to the family. What a blast! I would do this like at least once a week or so.

The book from this session is toooooo fun!!!!!! Can you imagine how special it will be to look back over this day at her 10 year birthday! Ahhhhhh...I love my job!

Lisa says:

The cake pictures are just TOO cute!!!

(02.11.10 @ 01:51 PM)
Lisa says:

The cake pictures are just TOO cute!!!

(02.11.10 @ 01:52 PM)
shani barel-desser says:

OK..The last cake shot? should be on top!!!! it's just too good!!!!!!

(02.14.10 @ 06:54 PM)
Jennifer Nolan says:

Love, love, love the pictures. Happy Birthday sweet baby!!

(02.16.10 @ 12:57 PM)