Yep. That's right. The original idea was even EVEN better! Something about furniture on a'll happen. Wait for it. 

Okay, could you just see these boys all decked out in a Crew Cuts catalog (JCrew) or a kids AE ad? So stinkin' cute....sweet and funny to boot! Watch out lil' mama, these boys are gonna have girls ringing your phone off the hook!!!!!!

Awesome shoot....super fun experience for me...hope you guys had as much fun! LOVE working with you all and totally looking forward to the runway shoot!

Amy Montgomery says:

Tina, These are SOoo great. I love that green garage door... I kind of have a thing for garage doors and that one is so great. Awesome find! Way to work that location!!

(01.29.10 @ 11:36 AM)
Lisa Dunham says:

Love these boys! So cute! Really like the 2nd one and the one with boys in motion. Really nice!

(01.30.10 @ 01:09 AM)
Joseph W. Minga says:

Tina, you are just an inspiration to all! I love the location!

(01.31.10 @ 05:18 PM)
Kristi Kienholz says:

Tina...this is such a great session! What fun! Love the one with all the boys jumping!

(02.01.10 @ 02:21 PM)