I've been photographing this precious family now for 5 years. Actually!! I just learned a few weeks ago that I took his pictures when I worked for another company like 9 years ago. Crazy, huh? She still has the pictures. He's sitting on posing table with a little beach scene. So cute. A little dated photographically speaking, but cute nonetheless. (Is nonetheless supposed to be all together or should it be separated? I say it at is if it's all together, but then seeing it makes it look a bit crowdalicious. Things that make you go.....why?) Anyhoo...Love this precious family. 
Happy and sad to see him grow up so big! I wish they could be tiny forever!

Joyce Smith says:

Oh I love these! What a lovely family and as a new "mom" to a corgi puppy these especially warm my heart. : )

(02.04.10 @ 10:46 AM)
K says:

love the pics! im so interested to know this family. we also have a PW Corgi and just so happens that she looks just like this one:)

(02.28.10 @ 08:20 PM)